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US Dental Care’s fully equipped mobile clinic DENTABUS allows you to get your dental treatments wherever and whenever that is convenient for you.
If you are not comfortable with traveling due to the precautions for the spread of Covid19, give us a call to get an appointment and let our dentists come to you!

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5% discount on check-up and cleaning

Applies to all family members (husband, wife, children, mother, father).

Family program
Alla Anastos, DMD Chief Dentist at US Dental Care

 The US Dental Clinic, your American dentist away from home, providing certified American services and standards for over 25 years in Moscow, along with only the best and state of the art equipment.

Our advantages
US Dental Care doctors are committed to the highest quality standards set by the American Dental Association (ADA).
We maintain sterilization process very strictly, using standards recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA).
From reception, to dental nurses and doctors, all the members of US Dental Care staff speak English and will welcome you with a friendly and professional attitude.
Our clinic uses i-CAT scans that greatly reduce the time required to perform dental implant treatment, CEREC machine that helps us create a virtual model of your teeth and create ceramic crowns, veneer, and implant restoration in less than an hour, and Zoom4 a world-renowned whitening system.

Dental Care "is the first American dental clinic in Moscow, we have been working since 1994. Among our specialists are professionals with American diplomas who are members of American Association of stomatologists. We provide all types of dental services.
News and articles
News 03/28/2020 Dear Us Dental Care Patients, Due to enhanced precautions against the spread of COVID-19 infection, our clinic will be open for emergency cases only from 09:00 to 18:00 every day until April 5, 2020.   Detail → Show more
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News 03/27/2020 DENTABUS: THE MOBILE CLINIC AT YOUR DOORSTEP US Dental Care’s fully equipped mobile clinic DENTABUS allows you to get your dental treatments wherever and whenever that is convenient for you. Detail → Show more
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Sara Karton
My family has been patients of US Dental Care for 6 years. We have experience here in such procedures as examinations, treatment with an orthodontic, filling, treatment of canals, whitening of teeth and (right yesterday), removal of a wisdom tooth.
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Lada Muir
We 've been treated by the whole family at US Dental for about 12 years already. I know all doctors personally and I have developed a very high opinion about their professional qualities.
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Marianella Masrua
Definitely I recommend. They work fast, professionally, patient oriented and well organised so we don 't need to waste time waiting.
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Evgeny Lapushkin
I 've been a US Dental patient for over 10 years. This is the first clinic where I 'm treated with pleasure and I don 't want to go anywhere.
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Rozhdestvenskaya Maria Mikhaelovna
I met the clinic by accident. Business was so. At the clinic I attended before, I was told I needed to remove one of my teeth within 3 days. I decided to consult with another doctor and called US Dental Care.
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Valeri Navarro
Danila, Dr. Anastos 'assistant, was very attentive and kind not only during the doctor 's appointment, but also after. He understands people very well and knows how to help them. Not only did he take care of my glasses, but he also supported me when I smelled myself not very well after the surgery. I felt like a person to really care about. All of this, together with Dr. Anastos 's unmatched experience, bilingual staff and cosy atmosphere, makes the clinic the place I would like to be treated. Many thanks
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Kim Irina
Our family has been treated at the clinic for more than 12 years. First the patients were only me and my husband, now our children. They 're being treated by an orthodontic. Excellent clinic, precisely with the American level of services.
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